Sailboat racing: Offshore and inshore regattas

Our composite parts contribute to the victories of our clients and skipper friends, around the world and in the most high-ranking competitions.

Foils sur catamaran

Sailboat racing: a demanding mechanical sport… extraordinary human experiences…

Offshore racing is integral to the DNA of Heol Composites and its team. We are proud to see our products in action in events as prestigious as the Vendée Globe, the Volvo Ocean Race or even in races as intense as the America’s Cup and the Extreme Sailing Series. We are equally proud of the trusting relationship and the mutual respect that have been established over the last fifteen years with the skippers and their technical teams.

Innovation to remain on the podiums

We are constantly pushing our R&D by proposing very innovative solutions whilst guaranteeing infallible reliability and respecting lead times: this goes without saying in a domain where the race date can’t be moved to accommodate project delays, and where mechanical failure loses the race. Our parts are designed by naval architects for specific boats with high performance expectations. They are calculated by engineering teams equipped with accurate modelling tools, and verified by independent inspectors who conduct series of non-destructive tests. Working together to come up with the best design, we contribute to improving the existing technologies and get boats up on their foils. Above all we contribute to helping our clients win.

A few examples of our recent work:

Sebastien Josse’s Ultim maxi trimaran Gitana 17 & Armel Le Cléac'h’s Banque Populaire 9

Internal structural parts resistant to maxi loadings, T-foil central daggerboard with flaps, foil canting belt, hollow T-rudders.

Vendée Globe 2017 Imoca 60:  Banque Populaire 8, Maître Coq , St Michel-Virbac, Edmond de Rothschild, No Way Back, Groupe Safran

Co-design and fabrication of the first generation or ocean racing foilers

Franck Cammas’ Groupama Team France AC45/50

Foils and T-rudders for the 35th America’s Cup in Bermuda

The Extreme Sailing Series Intense GC 32 Catamarans

The entire One-Design fleet’s foils and T-rudders

Multi 50' Trimarans - Thierry Bouchard’s Ciela Village and Thibaut Vauchel Camus’ Multibo Arcep

Hollow daggerboards and rudders

Mini 6.50 and Figaro Bénéteau II

Custom carbon masts (the top 3 places in the Mini Transat La Boulangère 2017) and series production class

Volvo Ocean Race VO70 Groupama

Hollow structural internal parts and rudders for the winning French team

MultiOneDesign world class MOD70

One-Design hollow rudders and rudder casings


Increasingly competitive carbon foils

Today we co-design the fourth generation of foils, continually aiming for weight gains and increased safety for the skipper. This revolution is only beginning, and the subject remains incredibly complicated even if the improved performance is undeniable. We have seen that hollow foils allow for a weight gain of around 30% when considering the same moment of inertia, and we believe this will be standard in the future. We have patented a new method of construction in one-step, which reinforces the mechanical properties of the foil and resolves the problem of the reverse-load in the elbow area.