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Heol Composite’s hollow structural parts contribute to weight gains in increasingly fast and minimal race cars

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Car racing: a domain Heol Composites finds equally exciting to that of sailing

Automobile racing shares the same genes as our competitive sailing clients. Here too, the stakes are high in weight-gain, reliability, innovation, tight delivery schedules and costs. Equally crucial is the demand for excellence which can contribute to making a difference on the circuit, as on the ocean. In these mechanical sports, the driver’s talents, like the skipper’s, rely on high-performing machines. The technical teams and suppliers are engaged in a real spirit of co-development, participating in making history in these high level sporting competitions.

Carbon fibre is present in all forms of automotive competition: Grand Prix in track racers (Formula 1, IndyCar, Formula E FIA…), Touring and Grand Touring (WTCC based on production cars), Sport Prototypes (LMP, North American DP), Endurance (WEC, 24 hours of Le Mans), Rally (WRC with a co-pilot on closed roads) and Rallycross (WRX on a closed asphalt, grass or even ice circuit), hill climbs (Pike Peaks, Trier..), Carting (below 175kgs with the driver), Dragster, (acceleration ATD Trophy)… By reducing the car’s weight, carbon fibre makes automotive racing even more exciting.

We bring innovative solutions to the exhilarating world of competitive automobile racing

We produce a diverse range of parts made to measure according to the team and driver’s specifications and needs. Our particular area of expertise is structural chassis parts (notably hollow parts), but we have also fabricated bodywork and are capable of producing the following elements:


  • Bumpers
  • Wings
  • Bonnets
  • Hatches
  • Headlights
  • Roof hatches
  • Rear-view mirrors
  • Guards
  • Bodywork kits


  • Air boxes
  • Battery boxes
  • Distribution covers
  • Air entries
  • Turbo heat shields
  • Oil collectors


  • bucket seats
  • door panels
  • arch covers
  • central console
  • dashboard
  • steering wheels
  • foot rests
  • various supports

Very at ease with similar prerequisites as those of competitive sailing, we simply wish to expand our presence in car racing over the next few years. Our double patent protected technology for structural single-step autoclave parts incites a lot of interest, whilst responding to problems universal to these two spheres of excellence.