Industrial applications

The industry of the future will swop carbon fibre for traditional metal alloys in the build of hollow structural parts.

Carbon/epoxy composite applications yet to be invented together...

Hollow structural parts, one-offs or small series parts, made to measure

Heol Composites manufactures a wide variety of parts for its industrial customers. For example

  • Clasp system on a robot arm extremity, lighter tooling allowing for a reduction in the need for control systems and for a greater production rate. Along the same lines, we have produced a large-scale welding clamp which is today used on a assembly line of a large car manufacturer in the USA.
  • End section in a 40-metre extending fire engine ladder.
  • Participation in the design and build of an innovative new design of an acoustic structure.
  • Series of hollow tubular structures for the telecom industry using our knowledge gained in boat spars.

Light tooling for manual handling by production operators

We have also participated in making tooling and templates for assembly, inspection, drilling or welding lines, to the satisfaction of our clients. The carbon fibre allows us to reduce the weight to 8 kilogrammes. This allow for easier handling for production line operators, and help reduce musculoskeletal injuries.

Innovative solutions for multiple industrial applications

Evidently, there are multiple applications that can be enabled by our technology waiting to be invented. Our engineers are passionate about taking on new technical challenges. We have positioned ourselves to be able to respond to the big industrial players, whilst at the same time remaining flexible and offering the best solutions a diverse range of clients, often unaware of the potential of carbon fibre compared to glass fibre (a material which is still frequently used and heavily  in demand in the industry).