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Our engineers and technicians design and produce composite parts which are as competitive as they are innovative.

Our team which is passionate about racing is here to help.

Jean-Paul Dufau

With the confidence of Laurent Tournier founder of Heol Composites in 2002, Jean-Paul Dufau has become the director end of 2017. He naturally wants that Heol’s excellence can form part of a continuing process and is aiming to progressively diversify the business. With extensive prior experience as a finance manager and a managing director in demanding international groups, and then executive director in various sectors of Brittany SMEs (automotive equipment, household appliances, professional football, nanotechnologies, agricultural equipment), he brings an industrial and managing dimension to the company. Convinced by the potential of the hollow structural carbon parts and impressed by the achievements of the Heol Composite’s team, he relies on the technical skills of Pierre-Luc Gautier the operations manager and the very experienced technicians.

Pierre-Luc Gautier

Pierre-Luc Gautier has a solid background in composite structures and has spent most of his career at Heol Composites. In fact, he perfectly masters the patented technology around hollow monoblock structural parts, as well as the control of autoclaves. He is involved in research and development by imagining original and reliable constructive modes. In charge of the day-to-day management of the workshop, he can rely on two referent technicians and a methods manager. He ensures the development of skills and customer satisfaction by maintaining the highest level of commitment and quality.

Our composite technicians

Our highly qualified and committed composite operators are experts in the art of carbon prepreg laminating and in the intricacies of autoclave curing. Their talents and ‘savoir-faire’ are especially efficient in our patented processes. They share the same competitive spirit as our clients which pushes us daily to search for ‘out-of-the-box’ technical solutions, guaranteeing the short build lead times and of course, the reliability of the Heol Composite parts.